Sunday, September 30, 2012

Cover Reveal

Ok, my first thoughts upon first seeing it:'s ok, but I'm not loving it like the other first two book from this series. I will explain why in a moment but, please look at the other covers and compare it to this one above you see my point?
I actually ADORE Until I Die's and Die for Me's covers! They both are gorgeous but, I can't quite tell you why I love these covers better than the third one's. I would probably say I don't like the heart shaped swirls on  If I should Die. I liked how the swirls on the first two books seemed natural( that is the only word I could think of) and the third one's seems...fake. Also I hate the color yellow but I shouldn't use that as a reason because it is unfair. Although, I do LIKE If I should Die, I'm just not feeling the same love as I do for the first two books.

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