Friday, May 24, 2013

Awesome Movies: Randomly Random

Lately, I have been getting into watching tv and movies, since I have gotten out of school, which in turn, provides me with an immense amount of free time. I should be reading shouldn't I? Oh no, the tv distracts me way too much. So, to make up for my lack of reviews, I'm gonna post some movies that I either just watched, or I just love already!
Such a cute movie! Has everything a girl to desire, which for me includes epic fantasy, amazing imaginations, and adorable romance!

This is another cute movie, but I'm a sucker for those! I haven't read the books, but I adore both the movies.

I watched this actually last night, because I was scrolling through the tv and happened upon this. I recognized it immediately, because Elena at Novel Sounds had made a post about it! So, I watched it and ended up blubbering like a baby. It is a love story and very romantic.

I also recently watched this. A very long, sad movie. I cried multiple times...I cry really easily. It has great imagery and great actors & actresses. Highly recommended if you like musicals!

That sums up my movie list! I really hope you watch these if you haven't already. Or, I guess, just pretend that you did not see my awesome list.( Also, have a great weekend! I will try to stuff my head with as many possible books.)

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