Monday, May 6, 2013

Goodbye...But Not For Long

Update: Okay, I'm only taking a 1-2 week break.

Okay, the title suggests that I'm probably going to stop blogging-which I am. But, it also suggests that it is a short amount of time-that is the part that is slightly misleading. Well, as you know, I am TERRIBLE at continually posting stuff( because I am a huge procrastinator), and you know, since summer is coming up, and school is going to end soon, you would think I would blog MORE, right? Well, since I won't have my school computer( yeah...), I won't be able to blog all that much. So, I have decided to take a break...but it's a pretty long break. About 3-4 months? I know, that is a freakin' LONG time, like a 1/3 of a whole year! But, I still have decided to take the break. Because, if you think blogging is easy, please guess again. And when you are in high school also, it gets kind of...stressful.

So, after this post, you won't see me that much, except on twitter occasionally tweeting random stuff( or alot) and I'm still going to be reading books, so I will still be on Goodreads!( You can find my profiles on my About Me tab.) And I also keep saying so...., so I will just say goodbye. But, not for long, I will be back before you blink an eye.
Okay, that last gif is inappropriate.

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