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Hi, I imagine if you're visiting this page you might be curious to know who I am. The short story: I am a shy teenager living on my family farm in the United States of Nowhere(the most accurate description I could assign). Though I said I'm shy, I can be quite an outgoing person when I want to be.

The long story: I'm a shy, outgoing-when-I-want-to-be teenager.(Yes, I already contradicted my personality types, but human nature is a complex web.) I live on my family farm with a billion animals, forcing me to harbor too much love for animals. Not that it's a bad thing. I'm a relatively boring person...I get good grades in school, listen to my mother 25% of the time, have a hysterical family to deal with, and on it goes. The most obvious fact is that I love to read! I adore most any type of genre in young adult, but fantasy will always remain close to my heart. I don't have many other interests outside of that because school won't allow for it, but I enjoy watching Korean dramas, crocheting,and clothes shopping in my other spare time. A picture of my smiling face for your amusement:

You can find me on a ton of social media, and I welcome you to talk books with me anytime!

Twitter, Goodreads, and Tumblr are some of my favorite hide-outs.

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  1. I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award so check it out!


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