Friday, June 12, 2015

June TBR

Yes, I do realize how strange it is to put up a TBR post now, in the middle of the month. But I'm doing it anyway. So, right now, this is a tentative list of books I'm hoping to read by the end of the month. I'm sticking it to five books, that way I'm not pressuring myself too much, and I can always read more outside of these five books. These are just the five books I really want/need to get to this month.

On the physical portion of my TBR, I have The Girl at Midnight and Make it Count. I've been hearing rather great things about The Girl at Midnight, and it sounds amazing. I need to get to it ASAP. Make It Count has been on my TBR for quite some time, and it seems like the perfect fluffy, summer read. Plus, I need to read more New Adult.

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On the e-book portion of my TBR, I have Every Last Word, Silver in the Blood, and Rebel Mechanics. I haven't heard that much about Every Last Word, but it's got a pretty positive rating on Goodreads. I'm looking forward to being surprised! Silver in the Blood was one of my most anticipated books this year, butttt...I've been hearing alot of mediocre/bad things about it. Which is terribly sad. Who knows, though? Perhaps I'll love it. Rebel Mechanics sounds like a great, light historical young adult book. I've been hearing pretty good things about it too, so I'm excited to get to it!

And there are my top five books I want to read this month!

What about you? What books are you hoping to read this month? Have you read any of these books?

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