Friday, January 4, 2013

Reading, Resolutions, and Makeovers

Hello, everyone!! I'm happy to announce that I am finally blogging again.

I never took a VERY long break, but to me it feels like FOREVER! While on my specified break, I've been reading like crazy! Here are some books I've been inhaling!
The Lost Girl
Tiger's Curse
Tiger's Quest
The Forest of Hands and Teeth
Rapunzel Untangled

So in the coming weeks I will be writing up these reviews!

On to the next subject! In my family, we usually don't celebrate New Year's Eve besides popping open a bottle of wine or something like that at midnight.
This year we pretty much did that over again, BUT I am actually going to make some resolutions for myself!!

1.I'm going to try to update this blog on an average of 5 times a week. I will try to make a schedule for myself so I can be able to stick to my plan.

2.Try to keep getting A's in school! I hope I can keep it up!..."crosses fingers"...

3.Listen to my mother more often. Like so many teenage daughters in the country, I have a problem listening to my mother. This year I'm going to try harder to actually communicate with her!

There is a list of my New Year's Eve resolutions. There isn't many, but they are kinda hard for me to do!

NOW! My last subject to get to...MY BLOG HAS BEEN TOTALLY RE-DESIGNED!

I'm sure this IS quite obvious! BUT I just can't be happy enough! All of the hard work goes to Lizzy from Read-A-HolicZ!!! She did a SPLENDID job!

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  1. Welcome back :) and good luck with the resolutions, especially the most challenging one - number 3 ;-)


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