Saturday, January 19, 2013

What awesome giveaways are going on?

Hello there! Today I'm listing a whole BUNCH of awesome giveaways that you should definitely check out if you have time!

1.New Year's Giveaway: 13 winners will get a 2013 release!

2. A Very Merry Christmas: Gift Cards Galore!

3.Jean Book Nerds Anniversary: Over 100 giveaways!!

4.Making the Grade Anniversary: 2 giveaways that are both full of awesome!

5.Paperback Princess Anniversary: Swag+4 books=EPIC!

6.Stuck in Books two year Anniversary: Win a Nook!

7.The Hollow Cupboards 1000 followers: Win a box of books!

Ok, these giveaways are seriously EPIC! I mean, truly EPIC! So go check them out! They are worth your time!


  1. Those are awesome,

    Im nominating you for the Liebster Award please take a look at my post.

  2. What a great roundup! Thanks, I'll check them out!


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