Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Story To Tell

This is another totally random post, but you're probably used to it by now, anyways. This post is about a story that is so weird, that I had to share it online.

Picture this: It was last summer, and my mom had just left( she didn't go far, don't worry). My twin and my little sister were watching tv, and I can't remember what I was doing( probably watching tv or reading a book). All of a sudden, we heard some of our dogs barking and that immediately meant that someone was in our driveway. We all ran to the window and found the weirdest looking car in the planet. It was tiny, very  low height and size to it.(It was also a bizarre color that I can't remember.) In it, were also the weirdest people in it. Not to be rude, but the lady in the passenger seat was gigantic, and the man driving it was very stout. He was scary looking though, he looked like he could be a kidnapper or robber, not even lying. So, like any smart person, I called my mom, but she didn't pick up.

The man had started walking towards our house, and I was freaking out! Because I was the oldest in the house at the moment, my sisters were like "You're going out there!". I did, and I was terrified of the guy.

He started telling me that his car had broken something, and he needed a stick to secure it. However, it had to be a specific stick, the right shape and size. I was kinda just like, "sure?".

For some reason, I started looking for the sticks, and was asking him if this stick would be fine and the likes. Thank god, he finally found the right "stick". I was super excited to see him gone.(Did I also mention he called me "sweetie"?) I was totally creeped out by him.

At last, he came to me, and he just gave me ten bucks for my "hard work". And then I was like "Whoooo". Only, it was in my head. He left, and then everything resumed to normal.

There is my weird story, and now you know how really badly I tell stories.


  1. LOL Um... I think that's the weirdest story I've ever heard (or read)! haha Totally creepy. I would be so freaked out!


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