Monday, July 8, 2013

All About YA Novels is Gone

But don't worry! It has just been replaced by The Word Mineur. You're probably wondering right now what the heck does that name mean. A quick exclamation of why I changed my name and what does the name mean:
Basically, my old name bothered me, because it never really felt unique to me. I mean, All About YA Novels was okay, but I always felt that it was...lame and un-unique. So, I changed it.(And my blog design, which you probably noticed. More on that later.)
The name pretty much means Word Digger. Except Digger is in French. You're now possibly wondering why would I do an English word mixed with a French word. Well, I liked the way it sounded. It makes it sound more unique too. And I love the French language.
Onto the blog design. Isn't it just so perty??

I just simply adore it.(I'm speaking the old fashioned way.) It's a very cute and simple template, yet pops of color are here and there.
I'm slightly scared what the outcome of me changing my name will be, but I'm glad I finally did it! I hope everyone adores it as much as me!

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