Friday, July 19, 2013

The Interesting Thing About Being Interesting

In my time blogging, I've learned and noticed alot of things. One of those things is being....well, interesting.

I would never call myself a popular blog, but I do like to think it has it's good days. I put time into it, like almost every other blogger I know. But, throughout it all, I've noticed that being interesting is really, really hard.

I mean, you could write a bajillion amazing posts that deserves showering love and comments.(No, I'm not saying I deserve this myself.) Writing an interesting post will not make you famous however. Well, a few times that happens, but don't try to fool yourself that it might happen to you.

Not only do you have to write amazingly, but you also have to be patient. I think patience is the most important thing. Time is also a huge factor. Communicating with other people and getting to know about them may help, but don't just do to help your blog. Do it for the fun of talking to people about what you love most. Speaking of talking to people, comments also are a huge help. Some people comment back( I do it most of the time.), so therefore people may start liking your posts when you let them discover your posts. Even if you do all these things, this does not mean that you will become worldwide famous, but you probably will have people who actually like what you write and take your thoughts and opinions seriously.

The most important thing to remember when writing posts, is just being yourself. But also make it enjoyable to read and easy to relate to. I myself sometimes have trouble balancing all these things, but it mainly just depends upon practice and just being friendly. Even if you aren't good with words, just do videos, or gifs to express yourself. Just try something different! Don't follow the rules of other blogs.(Just don't do something crazy.)

(This gif kinda contradicts everything I just said.)

There is my wise wisdom for you today.

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